Have you seen the movie My Blueberry Nights? In a fascinating, nocturnal New York, Jude Law is the owner of a café. One night, he gives Norah Jones a generous slice of blueberry pie, which is inexplicably neglected by the clients. Then Elizabeth, Norah’s character, sets off on a journey across the United States. Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to find ourselves again.


I’ve always liked this movie. When I was living in New York City, in an untidy and bizarre little flat in Chelsea, I went looking for Jude Law’s café. New York, like London, teems with places where people go to study, chat, read, write, eat, even sleep. I was intrigued by the idea of finding “my” own places, the coffee shops where I could feel at home. I went café-hunting during the weekends and every day on my way back from work. I walked through the vibrant streets of Manhattan with the wind on my face. I peered through the windows of Soho shops. I found secret gardens. So the idea of writing a blog came to me, to fix every detail and never forget. But there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, and it wasn’t easy to collect my notes into a puzzle of words and images.


Blueberry Stories comes from a challenge. I believe in the words of Italo Calvino, a famous Italian writer. “You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.” I travel to find answers. I choose to visit the places that “call” me. Some are found by chance, like the blueberry pie; others are cities I like to go back to. I think that we all draw our personal map through our travels, a map that reflects our own personality. This way we will eventually find the place we call home, which sometimes does not coincide with our homeland.


I love tea. A good cup of vanilla black or matcha tea with biscuits can make any day better. I often mention my favourite coffee shops, tea rooms and restaurants in my articles, selected and tested. I am a huge fan of Nordic & minimalist style; I love wood, Scandinavian design and simple food. Being mainly a vegetarian, I like to share super easy plant-based recipes and addresses of vegan friendly restaurants (Go Green category).


I cannot start my day without a cup of tea & chocolate cookies. I’m a mug collector and a huge fan of Harry PotterNordic countries, Japanese culture, the Pacific Ocean, Linzer torte and snowy landscapes. If I had a magic wand, I would go back to the Belle Époque and travel around the world by ship with a companion. I currently work as a freelance translator, publishing consultant and creative writing instructor in Milan, Italy. On Blueberry Stories I write about my favourite destinations, coffee shops and restaurants, both in Italy and abroad.