Where to have brunch in Milano: Café Gorille

Everybody loves brunch in Milano. In Italy, where the traditional breakfast consist of brioche & cappuccino, brunch is quite a new trend. Many coffee shops have started to offer brunch on weekends, especially on Saturday, when people can wake up late, go out for a walk and eat with friends. Pancakes, eggs, salmon, bagels or toasted bread with butter and jam, orange juice, coffee and muffins. But also cakes, quiches and sometimes even pasta. Since British and American traditions have taken roots in Italy, I’ve been looking for nice places to have brunch in Milano. Café Gorille is one of the best I’ve found so far.


Until a couple of years ago, it was the custom especially for young people to have brunch at California Bakery, a restaurant that has become popular for its traditional American cakes and cooking classes. Then other restaurants started to follow the lead, and today it’s easy to find independent cafés that serve brunch. Usually, I prefer small coffee shops to restaurants, especially for a good but informal brunch. So I went café hunting and found this lovely place in Isola, a rejuvenated neighborhood next to Porta Nuova skyscrapers. 

Café Gorille, the perfect place for a brunch in Milano


Café Gorille is located right in front of the Bosco Verticale, in a quiet street in front of a small park. The area is the ideal place for a Saturday walk, and in fact here you will meet couples, parents with children, kids with balloons and people going in and out of the neighborhood shops. Inside, the café reminds me of a Parisian bistro, but the brick walls made me think of New York. The windows  overlook a small, typically milanese courtyard.

Brunch vegetariano al café Gorille


And here’s my favourite brunch choice: vegetable quiche, peperonata,  lentil soup with bread crumbles, and chocolate & fig muffin. There’s also a non-vegetarian option with salmon. Those who prefer to order a main dish can choose between avocado tartare, saffron risotto, pasta with prawns and fresh tomatoes. Meat eaters can enjoy also other French and Italian specialities, such as escargots and culatello. Desserts are delicious. A slice of apple cake accompanied by an espresso is the perfect end to this brunch in Milano.

Eating at Café Gorille is one of those experiences that must be repeated. Actually I think it’s the perfect place for an afternoon break, too, after a walk in the neighborhood or a visit to Eataly, the exclusive food court dedicated to Italian products. It’s a nice way to explore a different part of Milano, which very effectively reflects its two souls – vintage & contemporary.