Hygge Time

Hygge is such a wonderful word. Its five letters evocate an entire world, made of winter afternoons spent on the couch with a cup of tea and a good film; of cozy coffee houses and delicious cakes; of lazy hours on a secluded beach, with a smoothie and some cookies; of comfortable, warm hotel rooms on the other side of the world; of a healthy and delicious dinner in a shabby chic restaurant, chatting with a friend.


Hygge is a Danish word that has a sense of belonging, comfort, togetherness. Michael Boot, the author of “The almost nearly perfect people“, says that hygge is a “Danish form of cosiness or conviavility, which is actually highly codified”. He also says we can’t really understand it, if we’re not Danes.

Well, allow me to borrow this word as a substitute for cozy and consider it as a lifestyle, which is somehow connected with the British tradition of afternoon tea and even with Japanese culture.


First and foremost, we don’t need to be with other people to have a hygge experience. Hygge things and moments help us enjoy loneliness – the good side of it. Choosing the right café and hotel when traveling, staying in bed longer on Sunday, making a cake, stirring milk and cocoa for a hot chocolate, walking on a beach at sunset, listening to a song I love, wearing a comfy sweater, sitting in front of the fire – these are hygge things to me.

And we don’t even need to go to Scandinavia to find hygge places. They are everywhere, in Tokyo as well as in New Zealand.

Hygge is a lifestyle that we can adopt to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. It is the antidote to modern life, which is too frenzy, too rushed, too busy. When people say they have no time, I smile and shrug, because they actually have time. The point is, they waste it on activities that don’t make them happy.

Life is not all about work, or duty, or even family. Life is one, and short, and ours. It’s made of small moments of pleasure that help turning a bad day into a not-so-bad one.

That’s why Blueberry Stories is full of hygge places and experiences.

I hope you enjoy it.

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