Soul Green, a new plant-based restaurant in Milan

Some months ago, I was waking near Porta Nuova, Milan, lost in my thoughts, when I saw a new plant-based restaurant with an inspiring name, Soul Green. I stopped and peered through the large windows, it was lunchtime and the place was crowded. It must be good, I thought. I’m always looking for new vegetarian cafés in Milan, because the most popular one – Joya – is too expensive for me and others, like Mantra Raw, are good but only serve raw food. Soul Green looked different to me, and I promised myself I would try.

chips at Soul Green, a plant-based restaurant

Plant-based eating among plants

A couple of weeks later, I planned a night out with a friend and I suggested going to Soul Green. She’s not vegetarian, but she trusts my choices and so she agreed to eat there. The place is lovely. The interior seems to recreate the Scandi style, with wooden tables, hanging planters and good, relaxing music. It reminds me of some restaurants I saw in New York, actually, and in Stockholm. I’ve already written about their menu and “Proud to give back” program, but last week I went to Soul Green again and I found new plant-based dishes; I couldn’t help talking photos and planning a new post.

vegan icecream, Soul Green

Their delicious baked potatoes with vegan pesto and cashew cream is a must, but in the “small & big bites” section there’s also a new entry, the soul rolls. Basically, it is a selection of rolls filled with rice, pesto, vegetables and avocado, arranged to give the impression of a colorful painting.

Travel the world in a bowl

This time I had to try a bowl, and I was very temped by the Thai bowl with green curry, cashews, coconut milk and vegetables. In the end though I opted for the Japanese bowl, with noodles, peas, mushrooms and seaweeds. I love the idea of a selection of bowls based on the cuisine of the different countries; it’s like traveling the world through plant-based food.

A raw lemon cheesecake was the perfect conclusion, because it left a particularly good taste in the mouth. I definitely want to try their smoothies someday, so I guess I have to come back for breakfast or an afternoon break. In fact, Soul Green is located in one of the nicest areas of Milan, Porta Nuova. You can walk to Piazza Gae Aulenti and see the fountain surrounded by the bran new skyscrapers, do some shopping and pay a visit to Eataly, the mecca of Italian food. Here you’ll find all the regional products, from pasta to chickpea flour, from chocolate to pesto and mountain milk. I love their bread, especially the nuts &turmeric loaf. And the section dedicated to cookbooks is also worth a visit – and a purchase.

plant-based restaurant interior


Soul Green is in piazzale Principessa Clotilde, next to the new area of Porta Nuova with its skyscrapers and Eataly. You can get there by underground (MM3 Repubblica; MM2 Garibaldi) or by tram (number 10 and 33).