Where to Eat Vegan & Gluten Free in Milan

Eating vegetarian and vegan in Milan has become very simple in the last few years. Being a person who loves and respects nature, I’m mainly vegetarian, even though I’ve always been against strict rules and fanaticism and therefore I’m flexible and always will be. I eat what I like, and I must say I love plant-based food. In the last couple of years or so, also thanks to the Expo, many new restaurants and cafes have opened in Milan. Some of them are vegetarian, vegan or veg-friendly. I’ve been in most of them and selected the best ones, those which left me with the desire to go back and order more dishes, from appetizers to dessert.


The first one is actually my latest discovery, Soul Green. Located near Piazza della Repubblica, at walking distance from the Central Station, Eataly and the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, Soul Green reminds me of certain New York style restaurants. The waiters welcome you joining their hands in the Indian fashion. There’s a large wooden table which can accomodate several people and many smaller tables scattered around the beautiful room. Plants are everywhere – hanging from the ceiling, in the corners, next to the large windows.

You order by ipad, which means you don’t have to wait for a waiter to come and take your orders. All dishes are gluten-free. Their potatoes cooked in three ways and rice or buckwheat flour focaccia are the most popular appetizer. The beetroot and quinoa burger put a smile on my face, and the avocado and chocolate mousse convinced me that this was my place. I’d love to try their bowls and salads, too. It’s quite expensive, but no more than any Milanese restaurant. And the food is really good and combines taste and healthy ingredients. Also, they’ve got a charity program called “Proud to Give Back”, so clients can help provide water and food to children in need.

Soul Green bowl


Being passionate about baking, I am not a huge fan of raw food. But after eating at Tanya’s Cafe in London and at Grezzo ice cream shop in Rome, I came to appreciate some raw dishes. And I’ve found a couple of interesting raw food restaurants in Milan. In Porta Venezia, V3Raw is another interesting place for those who love vegan and healthy food. You can choose among a selection of yogurt bowls, toasts, salads and smoothies, and then sit at a table inside or in the gazebo. This is the perfect place for a quick lunch, a break or a morning spent working at the computer. 


Right in front of V3Raw there’s a lovely little restaurant called Radice Tonda, which could be translated into “Round Root”. You can order veggie burgers, veggie rolls or choose among salads, grains, tofu lasagne, falafel, depending on the daily menu. They also have delicious homemade cookies and vegan cakes, so it’s nice to come here alone or with a friend and have a nice “merenda”, with an almond cappuccino and a slice of cake.


Soulgreen is located in piazzale Principessa Clotilde, Milan. Underground: yellow line MM3, stop: Repubblica; tram nr 1 (Repubblica), nr 33 and 10 (Principessa Clotilde).

V3Raw and Radice Tonda are both located in via Lazzaro Spallanzani. Underground: red line MM1, stop: Porta Venezia. Tram nr 5 (viale Regina Giovanna).

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