Have you seen the movie My Blueberry Nights? In a fascinating, nocturnal New York, Jude Law is the owner of a café. One night, he gives Norah Jones a generous slice of blueberry pie, which is inexplicably neglected by the clients. Then Elizabeth, Norah’s character, sets off for a journey across the United States, because sometimes we need to leave and explore to find ourselves again. I’ve always liked this movie and, when I was living in New York City, in an untidy and bizarre little flat in Chelsea, I went looking for Jude Law’s café.

New York, like London, teems with places where people go to study, chat, read, write, eat, even sleep. I was intrigued by the idea of finding “my” own places, the coffee shops where I could feel at home. I went café-hunting during the weekends and every day on my way back from work. I walked through the vibrant streets of Manhattan with the wind on my face. I peered through the windows of Soho shops. I found secret gardens. So the idea of writing a blog came to me, to fix every detail and never forget. But there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, and it wasn’t easy to collect my notes into a puzzle of words and images.



Blueberry Stories is a collection of travel stories, in search for the places where the dust of realities is mingled with magic sand, to quote Marcel Proust. Some are found by chance, like the blueberry pie; others are cities I like to go back to. To quote another writer, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” (Keats), and this what I look for when I travel. Beauty. The world is there for us to explore it. We choose our places and we create our own map, the map of our heart.

Besides travel stories, in the blog you’ll also find articles dedicated to coffee shops & restaurants, especially in Italy and Europe. My passion for tea and organic food has always encouraged me to look for the “right” places where to stop for lunch or afternoon tea. To me, the key rules are local products, vegetarian dishes and homemade desserts. Being vegetarian, I love sharing super easy plant-based recipes and addresses of vegan friendly coffee shops and restaurants, all personally tested (Go Green category).


Born Italian, I am an aspiring expat, a mug collector and a huge fan of Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Nordic countries, Japanese culture, the Pacific Ocean, Linzer torte and vanilla tea. If I had a magic wand, I would go back to the Belle Époque and travel around the world by ship – with a companion. I work as a freelance translator, publishing consultant and creative writing instructor in Milan (for now).

You can write me at theblueberrystories@gmail.com
I love to read and write emails!

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